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Weirdest Sports Find

I went to John Lewis yesterday.

I like John Lewis. It’s sort of what Stutterfords used to be. It has the tagline ‘Never knowingly undersold’ and the shop has been known to pricematch against competitors before. The bonus to this is you get the reliability of their heavyweight name as well as the manufacturer guarantee when you buy through them.

They stock everything from clothing to vacuum cleaners to haberdashery to children’s cribs to perfumes.

We went to look at home furnishings. A slightly depressing exercise because it was not the cheapest selection of sofas or curtains or kitchenware. There was little innovative but it was all very safe and quality and in some cases pretty good value for money but the truth is some things, like curtains, (a totally overrated but necessary concept) which are properly lined and heavy duty, just don’t come cheap.

Bored of this we went to the top floor where they stock sports and fitness wear. You had to see it to believe it. The second mannequin in was wearing the Springbok jersey. There was a stack of them hanging against the back wall. Next to the All Blacks and the Aussie team (whatever they are called, Wallabies doesn’t sound right). The three rivals were almost equally represented against England, despite the fact this was an English shop. Although, in all fairness, it may be time to start discounting the English stock.

I felt strangely proud about this. And a bit confused. I know the airports sometimes stock rival teams but it’s unusual for shops to knowingly place rival countries so obviously on display. Or do I just not shop often enough for patriotic sporting gear?

The shirts were still £60 each so my eyes watered a bit and I went away…



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