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Doggy style

I was talking to one of my siblings who has a friend with three dogs of varying sizes and shapes who are all an integral part of his lifestyle. The dogs often go travelling around with him as part of a rambunctious furry family. This has, however, lead to aspirations of human grandeur among at least one of them.

One of the dogs apparently flat out refuses to sit on the floor. He will always gravitate to the nearest chair and failing that, if kicked out by an ignoble human, will contemplate perhaps the dog basket. But never the floor.

‘But what,’ we asked, ‘does he do if he is out and about, surely there must come a time when he’s (dog) tired and needs to sit down?’

Apparently he flat out refuses to do this and will wander around forlorn for ages looking for a vacant chair.

Sometime though even this proves impossible as there just isn’t anywhere to sit, whether dog or human.

But apparently ┬áhe has come up with a solution to this – the floor STILL not being an option.

He simply sits on top of one of the other dogs. I’ve been told that they have become accustomed to this situation occurring and have learned to live with it.

Whatever means must in order to be kept in the manner accustomed…


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Human/Animal Rights

So I had a call today about an industrial unit which has basically been repossessed. We’ve always had a suspicion the rodent problem in the area may be due in part to this unit which was a ‘flour factory/bakery’ . I’ve seen reports of health and safety issues centred around cleanliness in the days when it was open.

Anyways. It’s been locked up for a few months now and at last inspection I was told there was a cat inside that had refused to leave. Although somewhat concerned about it, they were unable to chase it out and eventually decided it might be getting in and out via some other means although the unit looked sealed up. (Same as the rats)

It emerged today skinny but alive and very keen on rubbing its flea ridden self up against the guys taking stock of the situation. They called the RSPCA who, I believe, referred the case to a cat charity who said they would come past to pick up the animal. Who had clearly somehow survived on drinking water from a tap and rats/birdseed/coffee/flour/kidney beans or who knows what that the place is still fully stocked with. I assumed it was feral but the guys were informed by the neighbour this WAS actually it’s home – unlike the definitely feral furries who roam a few units down and who’ve I’ve seen lolling in the sun and doing unspeakable things in public. It had been brought in as a pest control measure by the owner who had left behind not just a fully stocked unit but his ‘rat trap’.

A few hours later I had a call back. The charity had now back tracked on coming to pick up the cat and were now claiming it had ‘roaming rights’ and should not be interfered with. We suspect the shelter might be full.

Either way. Someone tried to pick it up (fleas and all) and got scratched for his trouble. Probably a lawsuit in that somewhere if the scratches get infected. They then tried to chase it out but it wised up to its possible eviction and scuttled away. They’ve had no choice but to lock it back in for another few days until we work out what to do about all the contents in the unit, which will now include one evasive kitty.

We can only assume if it survived this long it can manage over the weekend. Even if it can’t, we can’t apparently interfere with its ‘roaming rights’ for the time being.

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Arrival of Autumn

Footie has been posting pictures of magpies in her garden. Personally we have the squirrels. At least until we move house. I will miss them.

They are invader greys from the States and don’t tend to hibernate. Instead they fluff around outside in the garden making me wonder how many would be required to make nice fur mitts and a hat. They all look the same but I think I’ve started to spot individuals.

There is ‘normal’ squirrel who mostly acts like I have seen other squirrels do in gardens. He hops around bouncily and goes up and down the trees pausing now and again to contemplate life.

In the same bit of garden is ‘dementia’ squirrel. I believe a lot of squirrels are quite forgetful about where they bury things which is how many oak trees are planted. This little guy spent the better part of the summer frantically digging up various parts of the lawn in search of some lost treasure I never saw him find. I’m not sure WHY he was doing this either when there was an abundance of greenery at all other squirrels seemed to think was adequate eating. Now with autumn he’s been scurrying around with his cheeks stuffed full, barely able to keep the contents in place as he madly scrabbles for hiding places. Yet again, unable to settle on a location, he leaps (as far as one CAN leap with a huge mouthful of food practically bigger than one’s head) around seeking places to bury things. It usually takes about seven tries to find somewhere. I’m not sure if he thinks he’s being followed perhaps in some espionage way.

Then there is ‘parking lot’ squirrel and his friend. They tend to hang out the other side of the building where there’s very little green. They run along the top of the fences a lot and I swear I’ve seen this tough guy trying to sharpen his pearlies on the top of the metal chain link. These two seen to enjoy foraging in the bin and live on a diet of junk food and dirty water puddles in the parking area.

Either way the troop (or what is a trible/group/gathering of squirrels called collectively) are trapped in an island of green in a tiny park area. They seem quite happy and although I have seen especially parking lot squirrel try cross tarmac and under cars, natural selection dictates it’s not really wise with all the traffic.

I do wonder what happens when there are too many of them or how they deal with the slightly limited gene pool (I suspect there are at least five others I am seeing that I just THINK are the same four). But honestly, does it matter? They seem happy. Happier than me many mornings as they frolic around using their bushy tails to balance as they leap across the lawn. You can only envy their easygoing lifestyles.

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