Highveld Summer (Suburbia):

  • The prickly feel of grass beneath the feet outdoors, cool tiles indoors
  • The scent of watermelon, fresh cut grass and chorinated water
  • The buzz of mosquitoes and chirp of crickets in the night (And the endless itchy from the former all through the next day)
  • Endless blue skies and fluffy clouds viewed from the silky coolness of the swimming pool
  • Heat sizzling off the pavement and sharp hard pellets of rain hitting you after the deep rumble of thunder that almost makes the earth shake and flashes of blinding lighting
  • The smell of wet earth and ozone after, cleansing the earth
  • A burning blazing sun, fading the washing on the line, bleaching blonde hair white
  • Christmas beetles drowning in the pool, crashing into light fittings, being chased by the geckos
  • Braai vleis smells in the evening
  • Slip slop and swimwear tans
  • The scent of jasmine on a hot wind and jacarandas squishy underfoot

English Summer (Inner City):

  • Humid heat coming off the hard surfaces
  • Half naked lobster red bodies on sunny days, in parks, in pubs, on balconies
  • Pork sausages and burgers on a bbq
  • Hot heat inside the train tunnels, condensing into static air inside the actual trains
  • Warnings to carry bottles of water in case of dehydration
  • Cloudy days and cold rain interspersed at random
  • Long summer evenings filled with glowing endless twilight late into the evening
  • The smell of cigarettes and stale beer as pubs and bars overflow into the streets
  • Softball in the park, along with picnics bought from the supermarket nearby
  • Strawberries and tennis somehow being associated
  • A whole week being able to wear open toed shoes
  • Outdoor theatre and children shrieking in water fountains

Personally I still miss the summers of my childhood…



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5 responses to “Summer

  1. Loved this. So true. But loving summer here in England – my garden! And I do it all myself, which would have deprived someone who needed a job, way back when.

    • your garden would have been significantly bigger back when too though! (I’m not sure I brought something back with the geraniums or my window box is now established, something for the first time is nibbling my rocket)

  2. You make summer sounds so attractive and awful in equal portions. ๐Ÿ™‚ I remember my washing fading on the line, and shrieking when the Christmas Beetles got into the house.

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