No fool like an old fool

The Pokemon-Go craze has hit the world. Well. Parts of the world with internet and phones that connect to 3G/4G services and wifi.

It is huge news in London as almost everyone here has a smart phone with few notable exceptions. Like the early 30 something weirdo in my office who’s too young to have a phone that only has buttons and a monochrome screen. For some reason he is the only person that young I know who thinks a tablet compensates for the fact that he can’t connect to any social media on his phone or googlemaps on the go.

He is also weird in other ways though.

Anyways. People catching Pokemon are just as odd. I thought it would mostly incorporate people in their 20s and early 30s who had watched the show. No it’s not.

It’s women and men in their late 30s and 40s too.

Apparently the makers of the app have said it hasn’t really helped the company’s overall stocks which are still down.

They missed a trick. They needed to strike better deals with cellphone companies before launch.

Apparently the app drains data like nothing else. My colleague was sulking yesterday as he’d run out of data allowance after catching a Pokemon on the head of the person opposite him in the office. He’d used the rest of it running around a park looking for them. We can’t get connected to the wifi in that particular corner of the office and he’d resigned himself to the fact that as that isn’t exactly mandatory to his job he’d have to sit data-less til the next month rolls.

Which is still a shade better than almost getting run over by cars jumping in front of things trying to catch imaginary creatures. Or, true story, hovering like vampires in a graveyard with phones pointed up, jumping around like idiots, trying to catch an invisible creature.

They are NOT REAL.

I got an actual update from a friend on his holiday to Sri Lanka that he was upset the rare Tamil Pokemon had been rendered extinct centuries ago by Buddist monks. Like that was really a thing.

He is also in his late 30s.

Talk about reliving your youth.





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2 responses to “No fool like an old fool

  1. I have no idea what Pokemon is, thank goodness. 🙂

  2. Reliving your youth? I would call it a premature decline into senile dementia.

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