The stuff in your head

We were watching TV the other day when a truly diabolical advert with a super annoying but addictive sounding soundtrack appeared on the screen.

‘This advert’, I said in irritation, ‘is ridiculous. It has no bearing to the product and it’s completely crazy. What were the makers of the advert thinking?’

‘Really?’ said Plus One, trying hard not to laugh, ‘I always imagined that is what the inside of your head looks like.’

‘What? Random animals bouncing around and chaos? And that completely mental music?’

‘Yes,’ he responded, ‘I honestly think your head is not a quiet and orderly place to be. If anything, it’s messier in there than the advert.’

I was going to be insulted.

I was ready to be insulted.

But I then recalled a conversation with a colleague when I was going full steam about how much needed to be done and when and in what order. And she also commented how everything must just rush non-stop in my head and didn’t I ever just pause and take a mental break.

‘What,’ I asked, ‘Do you mean? It’s not like I can control the fact there are thoughts in there, I can only direct them.’

‘You know, when you just sit. And think of nothing.’

‘How do you think of NOTHING? You must be thinking something, even if it’s only ‘I’m thinking of nothing’.’

‘You just DO, you don’t do that?’

‘You manage to just have nothing in your head?!’

‘Yes, especially when it’s really stressful at my desk I do that for a bit.’

She is not a stupid girl, she is actually very smart and organised and well put together. But apparently is capable of blank periods.

I still don’t get it. How do you think NOTHING? So nothing is going on?

Although perhaps the noises and movement in my brain are a bit extreme? I can’t tell. It’s like asking someone who is blind what blue looks like.

PS the advert in question if you are curious. Credits to Ribena and co





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2 responses to “The stuff in your head

  1. Hahaha Love the ad. I haven’t had Ribena since I was a child. It’s been going for a very long time. 🙂

  2. Suspect meditation is beyond us both :-(.

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