First World Madness

So there is a big turning circle near my house. If you were going slowly enough you could probably get five cars into it. The water suppliers in their intelligence are digging up the road nearby. This has resulted in the turning circle turning into a something like a five way stop. All roads coming into the circle have to be on a traffic light system but some tributary roads have also been affected as they come out very close to the circle so are also on the light system.

Most of the time this is semi automated with these lights they set up portably that flip automatically from light to light in sequence, while irritating the other three or four lines of road users because if you jump a light you get to a point where the traffic is one way and you can’t cross, you are just stuck in the circle.

Except the other day there was a really bored guy standing there switching the portable traffic light on and off. And he’d have to communicate with his mate on the other side via walkie talkie to ensure they were in sync. Not unlike the proverbial waving the red flag guy with a bib who knocks off for lunch and evenings so roadworks have to be done in the day.

So England reverted to being like SA only with a bit more technology.

Health and safety.

Like today.

The fire alarm went off. This is an usually big office. So fire wardens have sticks with signs on and hi vis jackets and you find your sector and your floor.

Turns out the photocopy guys in the basement have their own sign,  they seem to have lost the jacket. The thing is, there are TWO of them. TWO. If they can’t tick off a list with two I don’t know. Especially as they are like the master and the sith, it is more likely they are both at the pub or dead together in the building. But that’s procedure for you…



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