Angry people

We’ve had issues with kids coming into the lobby of the building where we live, specifically it seems to use the plug point near the lift to charge their phones. It seems there is no power at their houses or possibly THEIR parents don’t like them turning up en masse waiting to be fed. But they also tend towards tossing chocolate wrappers around, occasionally trying to burn cigarette marks into the walls or set fire to the lift and disabling the front door and the lift. The result of disabling the front door was it was open to everyone and apparently some homeless guy thought it was a good place to nap the one day.

They’ve been escalating in cockiness and aggressiveness. It’s made a lot of residents angry and resulted in a two hour argument when we all got together to discuss the issue.

I know it’s an age old thing, the boredom of youngsters manifest into delinquency.

But it’s a concept I don’t really understand. I can’t say I was particularly good at channelling myself as a youngster. I can however think of better places to hang out than in someone else’s lobby.

Whether it be riding buses half the night or dragging out a soft drink for hours in McDonalds or just plain sitting at home being obstinate in front of the tv, all options that weren’t really open to me as my parents were quite good at trying to ferry us into ‘useful’ activities, this was more along the lines of my misspent youth.

It’s true you can’t hit children anymore to discipline them but they also seem to have lost the concept that meaningless destruction of property and intimidation are not really fruitful exploits to look back on in later life.



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5 responses to “Angry people

  1. Short of physical violence, there must be SOME way of instilling terror into the minds of the little dears.

  2. Perhaps you can find a way of covering the sockets up? Whatever you do to resolve it, it’s a shame that all they want to do these days is clutch a small object in their hands and then stare at it for hours

  3. This sounds like an intolerable situation. It’s a pity you have no security door to bar their access. Have you thought of informing the police that these kids are trespassing on and vandalizing private property ?

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