Moving up in the world

I went to a networking party last night. It was sponsored by a group of recruiters who had managed to get hold of many crates of cider, beer and wine. For some reason they accumulated a tent like structure and a DJ but no snacks. I get the feeling someone owned the tent already and one of the hosts may freelance in music so it was all a bit on the fly.

I felt a bit like I was at a teenage house party. Zinc baths of booze and people crowding the stairs and corridor spaces guzzling out of bottles and plastic cups. I do not particularly miss those days.

It was a pleasant enough event and as they work in a fairly flexible space, groups of randoms not associated with the industry were also drifting around which was a pleasant distraction.

I did think though I really need to accelerate my career somehow. So that when I’m networking I’m in a nice hotel with canapes served by waiters wearing little dicky bows and its champagne not white wine.

We can all dream right?



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2 responses to “Moving up in the world

  1. Sounds quite fun, but while in dreaming mode why go for half-measures? Make it a little private yacht about the size of the QE2 cruising around exotic islands?

  2. oh no, I’m terrible at this kind of events. Mastering the art of networking terrifies me. Still, no food? You must have raided MacDonalds on the way home. Mauritius tip by the way. We stayed at La Cannonier, up near Grand Baai. The only tip I can give is to check what side of the island is the best one for the time of year you go.

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