Define ‘Emergency’

My colleague chose to not come to work last week. He claimed he got stuck most the day in a waiting line at the clinic where they were taking walk ins. I have realised that your ability to get an appointment does tend to be based off coming up with the ‘right’ critical symptoms. For example, dripping blood due to a large cut in your hand is actually not a train smash. But if you have blood coming from some orifice that doesn’t normally seep fluids you get bumped up the queue. So you can publicly bleed to death in the waiting room but if you look fairly young and able bodied you will still probably be bounced in favour of an old grey haired guy with a walking stick, a screaming baby or a pregnant woman making gasping noises.

There is some strange dictate that exists along these lines on the road too. They tend to put the sirens on for erratic stretches of road that I think may be demarcated by some planning law I don’t understand. For example, the one ambulance service I used to live near never put the siren on on the street they were based on to not disturb the neighbours but one block down it was allowed.

They stopped the sirens blaring right in front of the station entrance today then started up again directly they were past it.

I don’t understand it.

The worst was the day they switched on the siren when they were RIGHT NEXT TO ME on a bicycle then switched it off again shortly after they had passed me.

Let me explain to you, when you are already NEXT to me and I was in your way, it is too late to indicate to me I was in the path. All that happens when you switch on something that is above a safe decibel level next to my ear is I almost fall off my bike to become the next casualty for you to pick up.



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2 responses to “Define ‘Emergency’

  1. When queues don’t go a darn sight quicker
    You start off sick, but you end up sicker!

  2. Emergency seems to be added when you have already expired, the press gets hold of it and now everybody is talking about it

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