When were you ever truly lost?

So one of my friends has set off on an epic almost slightly absurd journey going from England to Mongolia in a very very small car. Routes I think are limited – you almost have to go through Russia because some of the parts on the alternative route you are almost guaranteed to die as opposed to just being seriously stranded with bottles of vodka and people going ‘da da da’ at you. He’s even started a WORDPRESS blog to record this (must really check if he will let me repost it as it is probably more interesting reading than me).

The idea is to raise money for two charities but frankly, I am just fascinated that one can literally leave the rat race for about a month and just race – in a funny little car. This is not quite the same as Footloose and the camper van which was an entire different long term lifestyle change that was even more beyond me. Where do all the untidy bits of your life go when you pack up your life like that? The family jewels (no, not THAT kind), the picture albums, the many pairs of shoes, the little bits of this and that which you accumulate somehow trying to prove to yourself that you have ‘become’ something in life through the random acquisition of vaguely nice or substantial items.

The fact of the matter is I am not good with lifestyle changes. I’m not actually good with change. It’s not an old soul thing, it just an old crabby thing. I can tell because the photocopier/printer was testing me yesterday and it has proven consistently to be the downfall of all people in this office over a certain age. The fact that it now thinks I am next in line is a bit worrying.

I can also tell I am against change because I bought the new Harper Lee book. I am not happy. Not so much because of the ‘shock’ plot line but because it is written in third person instead of first. It’s a first edition but a crummy one on cheap paper that just has odd punctuation and the occasional I am sure unintentional grammatical error that will be resolved on the next issue. And more importantly, after removing a number of key characters, Scout herself has grown up so much the only thing left of her is her stubborness. So much for show me a child at the age of seven and I will show you the (wo)man. Perhaps that is realistically what happens but I couldn’t see the girl at all through the third party eyes or the things she said or did.

Growing up is bittersweet.

Probably why I have never really successfully done so.



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3 responses to “When were you ever truly lost?

  1. We have also been through a major readjustment, but haven’t managed a very thorough one. Stuff we have managed perfectly well without for half a year is still piled up in every available nook and cranny of garages, garden hut, storeroom and bits of house, awaiting reintegration or pitching!

  2. Hola Bron. Good to see you 🙂

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