Creepy stories from the crypt

I bumped into the security guard the other day. I’m not sure how one makes a living out of being a security guard, but in all fairness it has worked for him and he has job security and somehow manages to stay in a fairly good area of town just up the road.

Apparently he was on the site before we came onboard as guardians. He knows it from before it was purchased by developers and was still operating under it’s semi-original guise before someone decided what you need to do is repurpose an old building into a completely unrelated use.

This is sort of where I miss Africa. You would just knock the whole thing down and start again with better foundations, better layout, better construction. Look at the poor Village Walk in Sandton, in many ways the precedent for Montecasino. A colourful little two storey fake ‘village’ of a shopping centre. It was always destined to do not very well or badly due to its proximity to the glowing Sandton City against which it could not compete.

Now it’s being torn down because with all the high rise buildings in the area someone deemed it the squat ugly older sister to be replaced by new and shiny.

This does not happen in England.

We are keeping the buildings where I live. Except when they are converted, I will not be able to live in them. At present they are semi-occupied with dark and dank corners where you could film the best of American style horror movies with zombies and crazed terrorists breaking through red double doors and people flee in chaos across dim lit corridors.

Turns out this is supposedly not that far from the truth. The security guard regaled me with tales of people who had committed suicide on the site. People who said they were pushed from the top of a series of spiral stairs. People who have seen shadowy figures walking up and down where noone was supposed to be. How he feels an atmosphere of pure hate along one of the corridors where a door further on led onto what was once a morgue.

And I thought my biggest problems in life were Not Greek God and the pigeons trying to breed on the window sill outside.

Now I have to worry about invaders from the spirit world…



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2 responses to “Creepy stories from the crypt

  1. Some of the invaders from the spirit world would have used spirits with substantial alcohol content? 🙂

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