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New Beginnings

So its been awhile since I’ve been here and I’m not sure how I’m going to keep this up because come next month I will probably have to forfeit my broadband connection.

And my kitchen (with gas hob)
And my bathroom (with nice shiny clean bath and toilet seat I know I can safely sit on without freaking out about catching diseases which is what all mothers tell their daughters)
And the living room (where one of us tends to flee to when the other of us is being seriously annoying)
With its vast white built in storage units (where I get to be a semi hoarder by just dumping stuff in there no one can see)

My life as I know it is about to change. And become intensely bloggable or frustrating or exciting or maybe all of the above.

I have reached the point in my life and my career I can sort of afford to live a decent lifestyle. Within reason buy the things I want and go the places I need to go. At the same time I am still property poor and our landlord has chosen to raise the rent on our flat by an astronomical 30% by including the water bill from June onwards and generally pushing up the rent to ‘match market prices for the area’ is probably the term he is using.

I cannot ever earn enough to afford to buy in this scenario.

We looked at renting and found a new flat close to our current flat. In fact, we even put down a holding deposit to rent it. On the plus side it is available exactly when we need it. Is only two blocks from where we currently stay. Has a gas cooker.
On the downside for the rent we currently pay it is about 2/3 of the space. There is only a small under counter fridge which reflects this. As does the bed against the wall that resulted in an argument before we even moved in about who gets squashed up against aforementioned wall. The rooms are small and pokey. (With inexplicably two sofas in the living room but no shelving or drawers or anything.) It faces onto a nightclub. The other half is not convinced the door lock is safe. The estate agents are pirates. The colour scheme is diabolical and looks like something out of a DIY programme on DSTV. Blue walls with navy ‘feature wall’ fireplace, canary yellow corridor with the canary yellow pushing into the bedroom. Which is also painted purple with a baroque gold and purple wallpaper behind the bed. I’m not adverse to yellow and purple. It makes me think of passion fruit. But I don’t really like it on the walls. In fact, I don’t like colour on the walls at all.

Funny enough you notice for some reason the walls disturb me more than the rest of the factors. I think it is because they affected my reasoning so badly. That and the fact that the estate agents seemed unable to answer in any logical fashion any question I asked.

We are losing that holding deposit.
We have a new plan.

We will be slumming it…

More to follow…



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