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Elysium and World War Z

I went to see Elysium yesterday. Movies are prohibitively expensive in England compare to abroad.

The other half was fascinated by the bad guy, M Kruger, and googled all about him afterwards. Apparently he and the director were educated at Redhill School in Johannesburg. This just reinforced the possibility that they are taking a poke of fun at South Africans and the not so illustrious past we have. Especially as they are both from a liberal left wing background. There is, I suspect, little change they actually speak with the accents portrayed!

I do have a serious issue though with going to the movies. I don’t do it very often any more. I spent a fair amount of time after Fifth Element complaining about the stupidity of Ultimate Evil looking for the Fifth Element to be destroyed instead of being evil elsewhere.

Elysium I thought was hectically unrealistic in assuming if all men were once again created equal the world, and the five pointed star in the sky would be better places to live. Because we cannot all be equal and there still need to be leaders and people who clean toilets. Not to mention why would a health scanner thing be so cheap if you were rich every house has one and yet you can’t do charitable works by putting one on earth to help the poor out. Surely some of the rich would believe in philanthropy? And why can’t the robots make more robots if they can act as almost intelligent butlers and security duty why use manual people labour at all?

World War Z was loosely based off a novel that was originally based off a comic how to avoid a zombie attack guide. I picked holes in that too. I’m not sure how the zombies landed up becoming zombies so fast. In 12 or was it 20 seconds. Fast.

And if you were injected with a serum that made you appear ‘sick’ to them how would you actually not be sick then? Because if you got inoculated then you would be healthy again in the long run. Otherwise surely anyone with a chickenpox jab should have been okay as we carry mutated possibly life threatening disease then. It would have made more sense to say people purposefully chose HIV instead of becomign a zombie! Hey, large chunks of South Africa would be fine. (Ironically in the book we were due to hectic antiapartheid against zombies restrictions.)

Basically I am going to struggle with cinema now. No wonder I love film of the past. You expected Fred Astaire to dance well but never to be really clever about the plotline!



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