All kinds of crazy

The other half and I have been arguing about the merits of moving in together. He reckons part of the sacrifice on my side should be a willingness to commute from further away into work because property prices fall and we could potentially afford to rent a larger place. (Forget BUY because I’d need to sell a kidney or something to get the necessary deposit.)

This is a huge bone of contention because I want to still be able to ride my bike in. It is true while I could cycle for a fair way, after a certain point from a time standpoint and a sweat standpoint it becomes unrealistic to do so.

Part of my issue is I do NOT like using public transport. We rode the bus the other day for about five stops as we were really late. On the second stop some guy climbed on the back without paying. I never noticed because I was doing my makeup. (YES, I am one of those people who will do this in public even if some people think it is like picking your nose.)

I did hear him shortly after. A skinny white guy who was a bit more Vanilla Ice than M&M – freestyling his rap out to the whole bus. Mostly about how he never caused no trouble for nobody that caused him no trouble.

Unfortunately after about two stops he was starting to stand really threateningly up against the lady near him, everyone was starting to treat him like he was invisible (they are very good at this here if you act odd) and his language was starting to deteriorate. Eventually a tall guy got up and told him to stop because there were kids on the bus.

Rapping guy was not amused. His rhythm started to fall away as he sing songed how we should be more sympathetic because he was ‘wwwwwwwwwwwway out there man, ‘Cos he aint had his meds today having escaped the mental asylum.’

I’m not sure actual crazy people broadcast they are crazy? Do crazy people know they are?

There was a case of a girl in the UK who was in a clinic and they let her out, she begged to be readmitted, went off the walls and killed someone. So maybe in some cases they do know.

Either way, I got off the bus at the next stop just in case.

And tried really hard to stay as far away from the sing song rapper while doing so, (No mean task with him taking up three quarters of the double door.)


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  1. Methinks that dotty or not the rapper would have had short shrift in SA. Here, people are still quite good at NOT ignoring a nuisance and doing something about them!
    The exercise from the bike, in gentle doses, is also something of great value. Plus, cycling is fun!

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