My boss is currently trapped in Mozambique. They took a charter plane somewhere up north to discuss opening new business up there. Apparently the plane now has a problem. With the landing gear. You can come up but you might not like the journey down. Or you can head south in a car. For a VERY VERY long time.

I was reminded of a story, I’m not sure if it is true or urban legend, of how a certain airline belonging to a country very near South Africa was unable to fulfil a regular flight time on their schedule.

Apparently the airline had a very small fleet. Basically only one plane was operational at that point – not to put too fine a point on it. And the president had decided it was his African Air Force One for that week. No plane, no commercial airline.

I wonder if that is allowable.

I once flew to Florence on a ‘budget’ airline. On landing, many of the passengers clapped. Usually I believe applauding a safe landing is a bit passe 1960s when planes must have fallen out the sky more often and there was only a curtain separating the pilot from the passengers so he could hear them clap, instead of being sealed off by a security door against terrorists.

This time round I think I clapped with them. I can’t honestly say my life flashed before my eyes. But for a reasonably sized commercial plane, that was the bumpiest ride I had ever experienced. We roller coastered up and down and when we hit the runway it felt like it had a hunderd potholes in it.

Needless to say,  I have never flown THAT airline again.

Why chance it?

I’m not that lucky with planes. The last trip I did, one airline went on strike with the rest of it’s country. Another went into administration which I only discovered the day before the flight.






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13 responses to “Stuck

  1. I still don’t see an option to receive an email each time you post. I’ll ask my bloggers if they can help.

  2. I haveonly been stuck a few times. It is not much fun at all

  3. Try under settings, available services and set up mail?

  4. Hi LC! Great to catch up with you again!
    To get the email option working, click on libraschild top left and choose dashboard. Go down to Appearance and click. Then click Widgets. Scroll down the options until you come to Follow Blog. Click on that and drag to the righthand side and drop it in the Primary Widget Area, That’s it.
    You don’t HAVE to have a PhD or be a genius to figure all that out, but it would help.

  5. Such a cool photo! Lancaster and four Spitfires. Awesome!

    Clapped on landing? My first reaction would wtf!

    • Actually they were meant to fly in diamond formation for the diamond jubilee but apparently the weather was too bad and they would only risk an arrow… how disappointing!

  6. I see you have the “email” button under the “share this:” section, but you might try adding the email notification widget…..
    Click on your libraschild symbol in the bar at the top. That should give you a widgets option. Find the widget for “Follow Blog: Email subscriptions:” and drag it into a sidebar or footer area.
    Hope this helps.

  7. Lucky boss and lucky you. i take it your running the office via remote controlled phone messages, mind you it makes a good excuse to give customers.

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