Banking Woes

I went out the other day and tried to pay with my credit card. I’ve been a bit adverse to using it since I put an airline ticket on it and since I am not really the most responsible being around.

I only used it on the delusion idea they would ‘reward’ me about 20p if I used it at a certain restaurant. Yes, I was actually cheap enough to think the equivalent of R2.50 might be worth ‘earning’.

Anyways. The machine told me I had the wrong pin number. I have done this before. And continued to type in the same wrong number another few times. At which point the ATM swallowed the card. It was just as well it was not MY card the machine swallowed and the girl it did belong to was surprisingly relaxed about it after the fact. (Then again, who trusts some random person with their card and pin anyways?)

I was now a few drinks down and not really able to think what the pin could be beyond what I thought I had typed in. And I didn’t want the card cancelled on me. It is a such a nightmare trying to get the thing reactivated or resent.

So I panicked and didn’t earn about 20p and used my debit card instead. And then spent the next four days panicking that sober i couldn’t think of another four numbers than the ones I thought I had typed in that were obviously wrong.

I finally went online today and couldn’t figure out where to find the pin and called the bank instead.

Electronic bank voice: ‘ You can still use the keypad but feel free to just speak into the phone and I will assist you.’

Yeah right. Electronic bank voice had very set moments you could either tap in the numbers or speak to it. It was like dealing with Stephen Hawkins’ voice as they had clearly stitched sentences together (I’m not even sure if the words were spoken by the same man) but with the intellect of a German Shepard. Probably a fairly smart one but still not exactly on a human functional state.

After a number of menus that included useless facts like my bank balance which I did NOT need to know I managed to get an operator. I’m sure they do this as bank phone charges are high.

The operator told me he would send me a reminder of what my pin was.

I told him that was no use to me as I had kept the bank’s standard pin so nothing was going to manage to remind me of any random four numbers. There was no memory tree so to speak to figure this out on. And no, I did not write the pin number down somewhere as people tell you not to.

A silence on the other end. Oh dear.

After a few moments the man finally pointed out that there is a new function where you can view your pin online.

Who knew.

And apparently according to the internet it is the same four numbers I THOUGHT I slightly tipsily typed in the other day when they rejected my card.




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  1. I didn’t get an email to advise of a new post and still don’t see the option.

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