My colleague has resigned.

This opens up new possibilites for me in the future.

However, I have to follow his inexplicable movements over the next few weeks to get there.

I always thought that even after you resigned from a place you were obliged to carry on actually working there til the day you left.

Apparently this is not so.

He has taken like a duck to water to watching the stock market (the business I am in has NOTHING to do with stocks or commerce), reading facebook on his iphone, taking phone calls from real estate agents for a new flat, reading the news and watching the stockmarket. Blatently and openly. In the past he did all of the above but at least tried to hide it a bit. And he certainly didn’t smirk and ignore us when asked to perform a task which is his current attitude.

Slightly frustrating. Very frustrating.

Is this normal behaviour? Am I deluded in thinking professionalism has a part to play?

My only satisfaction is he will probably get very fat over the next few weeks. Boredom has also necessitated numerous little walks to collect numerous little snacks to keep occupied.


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  1. Gotcha. And I clicked the ‘follow’ option at the top of the page on the left. But I now have to find the way to be notified by email, maybe in my ‘reader’. Will let you know.

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