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Things to be grateful for

The other day I was having a chat with a friend of mine who is going through a bit of a rough patch. Sometimes you have to sink right down to come back up again.

The next day, as I cycled home, it was a warm sunny day, golden rays from the setting sun spreading a glowing holiday feeling across the city. A day like so many others in Gauteng in the summertime. A day so uncharacteristic and rare in England.

I saw a couch had been dragged into a pocketsized front garden, overgrown with weeds, next to another garden rife with flowers in crazy non-matching pots. I imagined the two tenants. One probably a house and garden proud demented old lady. Who came out with a watering can every morning and carefully plucked the dead heads from the bushes and weeded each pot with arthritic hands but calm and content eyes. The other a bunch of twenty somethings who would later sit on the couch, drinking ice cold beer and coke and shooting the breeze late into the warm humid night. Somehow it made me glad to know that these snippets of place and time still existed in some people’s lives even if not in mine right now.

I started to think of the other things that I can try be grateful for when all is lost.

How sometimes when you least expect it and things can’t get any worse, you suddenly hear from someone you thought was lost to you in your life.

The sound of a baby’s laugh and that look of pure pride as it takes its very first step and the way you land up laughing when it promptly falls right back down again.

The smell of fresh cut lawn and the scent of rich dark earth after a heavy thunderstorm.

A gold and pink and purple sunset, which fluffy clouds and streaky wisps where you can imagine angels dance into the night.

Fresh salted popcorn and a rom com dvd you would never admit to owning never mind watching where everything ends happily when all seems lost.

The feeling of fresh linen on the bed against your skin, the cool crispness and the smell of washing powder and fabric softener.

Puppies on the pavement, straining with their noses almost flat to the ground and their feet splayed apart as they attempt to drag an owner about four times the size of themselves forward.

Getting through the seemingly impossible next level of Angry Birds (and then promptly forgetting about it anyways).

It doesn’t REALLY help when all still seems lost. But when things come up a bit, it’s nice to notice the small things in life that get lost in the hustle of getting by.



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